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June 2007
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Lascivious_Two [userpic]
We have found the perfect home for our baby bird!

We wanted you all to know that we really lucked out and have found the perfect new home for our baby cockatoo already! :) 


Azriel has been invited to join the flock at the most progressive and innovative aviary in this country. 

 I have been following their work for years and they are regarded very high in the bird community. They are operating under a whole different philosophy than any other aviaries/breeders. Through a selective breeding program they are developing a domesticated breed of parrots better suited as pets. They do this by taking well adjusted pet birds such as Azirel who has proven to already have the genetical disposition to be a good pet in a family environment, then re-school them (over the course of two years) to become a "bird" again and live in a flock of other birds of the same species. Here they are allowed to, in their own time, choose a mate if they want to, and breed (these birds mate for life and are very close to their chosen mates, so that would be fantastic for us).


This place is in Ohio, and since the whole midwest is frozen over at the moment she will stay with us until it is warm enough for her to travel (40's). Even though this is still the hardest thing we've ever done, we feel this is a fantastic opportunity for her and we feel good that we can give her a better life than we could ever provide for her ourselves. We feel very lucky to have found this solution.

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That is terrific that you found such a great home for Azreal so quickly...I'm sure it is a huge load off your minds.

I know how hard it can be to give up a member of the family, even if it is "just a pet" as some would want us to feel. I was heartbroken to give up my Shih-Tzu Gomez, but I knew he'd have a better life with my ex and a new "pack" than living alone with me when I had to board him so much. Ironic that my ex has since died (!) and now he lives with his packmate/boytoy "Chaps" with her neice in Scottsdale. But, he has a home.

So, I'm both happy that you found a place, and sad that you have to let her go.

Thank you so much! Yeah... it's a huge relief to know she will not only be OK, but she has a secure place for life where she will thrive! They will also send us updates and photos, and if/when she chooses a mate and breeds there will be a nest box cam to watch as well. They are an open aviary, so if we ever made it back to Ohio we can visit her anytime. We feel EXTREMELY lucky! This was the worst stress about the move (for me at least), now selling the house and carting an entire household (+ hubby and kitty) half way around the earth almost seem a piece of cake. ;)

I am going to see if I can get some time off from work and find some cheap tickets so I can take her there, otherwise she will have to go Delta Dash... We talked about it last night and both agreed that this was the toughest thing ever, she is so much more than any pet we've ever had, she is our child... I am sure you can relate though... good to know your dog is well cared for by family since he can't be with you.