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June 2007
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Lascivious_Two [userpic]
Looking for a new home for our Cockatoo!

We are looking for a new home for our Moluccan Cockatoo.  She will come free to a good home WITH PARROT EXPERIENCE only. We love her dearly, and want to find her a new home where she can be equally loved for the rest of her life – a big commitment here. We do not know a whole lot of people up here in Washington so we were hoping that some of you with larger networks could help us spread the word and maybe help us find a great new home. We really appreciate your help! 


As some of you know, we are planning to move back to Sweden this summer permanently. I have been in contact with the Swedish Department of Agriculture (equivalent of the USDA) pretty much constantly since we made the decision to move last summer. As it stands right now there has been a ban on bringing any pet birds into the EU (of which Sweden is part) since 2005 due to the avian flu. We had been waiting for this ban to be lifted, but have instead seen it extended twice, and today we got the news we have been dreading all along. The ban stands.


It was supposed to be lifted already in November 2006, but it was extended one more year to come up for review again by the end of 2007. They were talking about making amendments to the ban this January, but I just got confirmation this morning that the new rules passed upheld the ban... Other rules have also been firmed up not relaxed, as the EU just made the ban of bringing wild caught birds into the union a permanent one - following other nations such as the US in this direction. There are no guarantees that the pet bird ban even will be lifted come the end of this year, as the ban has already been extended twice sine 2005. With more recent outbreaks of the human strain (H5N1) in both Britain this week and Turkey last fall... the lady at the Department of Agriculture in Sweden basically told me it did not look good for an easement in the rules anytime soon...


What does this mean for us? Well for one I have been crying all morning (blaming my sniffles on a cold - damn cubicle offices, no privacy), because it means that we are going to have to leave our sweet baby behind...


Azriel is a wonderful Moluccan Cockatoo. She is a 7.5-year-old DNA sexed female, and we have raised her since she was a little baby, 4-months-old and still hand feeding. She truly is our baby and it breaks our hearts that she won't be able to come with us... This is a realization that we, (especially me), have been dreading all year and now the writing is finally on the wall. All hopes on the rules changing are gone and we now have to find a new home for her, but not just any home will due.


Anyone who knows parrots also knows that Moluccans are one of the most demanding species to keep. Although the rewards of keeping these creatures are equally large, it is not a task that can be taken lightly. We are looking for someone with experience with large parrots, who will give her a home for the rest of her life. These birds are the most common being bounced from home to home, and that is something we definitely intend to avoid as it can be detrimental to their wellbeing. Moluccans bond very closely with their human flock and the successful transition from our family to a new one will take time and patience. We have a few months left in the US and we want to make sure she is set well in advance. She will come free to a good home WITH PARROT EXPERIENCE. Also included is everything else she will need: a large cage, two rolling perches and a tree play gym plus a ton of toys. She is beautiful, healthy, well socialized and a real sweetheart. She did however just become sexually mature recently, so she is a bit more of a handful at times, and she has begun to over-preen just a little due to hormones.


Anyone who is interested can email me directly at karma@wavecable.com, or call me on my cell 360.473.3618.

Thank you very much!

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Let me make an inquiry for you....

Thank you so much darlin'... This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do... I feel like Dr. Mengele. :(