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June 2007
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Lascivious_Two [userpic]
We're still alive.... just been busy....

For you who don't know yet, we are in the middle of planning a big move - to Sweden sometime late spring/summer. Needless to say, a lot of logistics to work out and it seems we spend every ounce of spare time preparing...

Anyway... we just wanted to wish everyone a great new year!


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Happy New Year to you two as well!!! *muah*

We might have some very big news for you two as well in the next month or so!! *hugs*

Thanks guys! Oh, c'mon with the suspense already... I am no good at being patient!!! Well, whatever it is you are up to it must be something really good. :) xoxo

PS! The house went up on the MLS yesterday... kind of sad, we love this house - but also exciting since selling it is one step closer to Sweden.