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June 2007
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Lascivious_Two [userpic]
cartrouble oh yeah

Sigh... some dumb kid rear ended me on my way in to work this morning. Luckily I'm fine and the car is mostly ok. His car looked a mess, but that's not my problem. First I thought it was just a few scratches and some white paint on my bumper, but by the time I pulled into work I must have hit a bump and all of a sudden the hazard lights started flashing. I reach for the button to turn them off AND IT FALLS INTO THE DASH!!! I knew I had bumped it when the guy hit me earlier (I was just reaching to turn on the heater when he hit me) but I did not realize the button was broken. Aarrrg!

I did not think he had hit me that hard, but looking around I realize that all the crap I keep in the car was on the floor or was in a general state of disarray. Great. I had planned to give the kid a break (he was driving his dad's car to school... looked to be 18, tops), but now I guess I have to take it in to get it looked at. But first task at hand, how the h**ll do I turn off the hazards before the battery drains out? In a flash of genius I called the SAAB dealer in Fife and the very kind mechanic told me what fuse to pull out.

Problem solved. Temporarily.

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